Mr. Devon Barrett, MBA

Mr. Devon Barrett is the Group Chief Investment Officer and head of the Strategic Investments Unit at VM.

A strategic and visionary leader, Mr. Devon Barrett has been with the Victoria Mutual Family since March 2008.  On September 1, 2016 Mr Barrett assumed the role of Group Chief Investment Officer with responsibility for diversifying the Group’s investment portfolio. He also served with distinction at the helm of Victoria Mutual Wealth Management (VMWM) where his primary areas of focus included conceptualising and implementing the strategic direction of the Company, managing the Company’s balance sheet, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements and managing the growth in profit and shareholders’ value.

In January 2019, in keeping with the VM Group’s strategic business plan, Mr. Barrett began focusing solely on his Group Chief Investment Officer role. He was also named head of the newly formed Strategic Investments Unit.

Prior to his tenure at Victoria Mutual, Mr. Barrett served in senior positions at several financial institutions including Capital and Credit Securities Limited and the Union Bank of Jamaica Limited, formerly Citizen’s Bank. This accounts for 20 years of experience in managing foreign currency investments and deposits portfolios, negotiating foreign exchange and money market deals and ensuring consistent growth in the respective client bases.

Mr. Barrett holds an MBA which he acquired at Nova Southeastern University, Florida and a BSc in Management Studies from the University of the West Indies. A strong negotiator and effective communicator, he inspires his team to achieve greater levels of performance, thereby positively impacting on individual growth and development and ultimately, overall Company results.