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NCB Capital Markets Limited

Mrs. Marlene Street Forrest, General Manager, JSE and Mr. Rohan Barnett, CEO, BCW Capital, presented the winning trophy to Mr. Andre Brown of NCB Capital Markets Limited.


(KINGSTON, March 14, 2013):  For the third consecutive year running, NCB Capital Markets Limited has walked away with the JSE’s Market Research top prize.


After 24 submissions, over four quarters and from different brokerage houses and colleges, Mr. Andre Brown of NCB Capital Markets Limited and Najja Daley of Scotia Investments Limited were declared the finalists of the Market Research Competition for the 2011/12 period.


The two finalists met at the Courtleigh Hotel, 85 Knutsford Boulevard to make their oral presentations before a panel of four judges and a live audience. The afternoon commenced with Mrs. Marlene Street Forrest – General Manager, JSE welcoming all participants and making a brief presentation on the “Role of Market Research in a Changing Environment”. After Mrs. Street Forrest’s presentation, the two finalists were invited to present their Research on Proven Investment, the company that was chosen by the Market Research Committee to be analysed.


The finalists held the audience’s undivided attention as they both presented their analyses in very clear, informative and concise manner, making the judges’ decision difficult. While the Judges deliberated, the Guest Speaker, Mr. Rohan Barnett (CEO of BCW Capital) delivered an insightful presentation on the topic “Grow Wealth Through Research and Investments”. After his presentation, it was time for the Chairman of the Market Research Committee, Professor Clairmont Kirton to announce the winner of the competition. Mr. Kirton gave a general overview of the competition and reminded the audience about some of the objectives of the competition, among which are:

ü  To enhance the research, analysis and presentation skills of the entrants, enabling them to better understand the market, improve their communication skills and, in the case of broker representatives, to better advise their clients;

ü  To emphasize the commitment of the JSE to public education about the stock market;

ü  To benefit the investing public through increased exposure to market analysis and

ü  To stimulate the wider public interest and involvement in the stock market


 He told the audience that that 60% of the grade was awarded for written presentation, while and 40% was for oral presentation. 


Mr. Andre Brown of NCB Capital Markets Limited was declared the winner of the competition while Mr. Najja Daley and Miss Gail Asine (both of Scotia Investments) were declared first runner and second runner up respectively.


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