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Scotia Investments Jamaica Limited

7 Holborn Road,
Kingston 10,
Jamaica W.I.

Contact Info:
Tel : (876) 960-6699/6833
Fax : (876)960-6705
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Lissant Mitchell

About Scotia Investments Jamaica Limited:

Dehring Bunting & Golding Ltd. (DB&G) opened its doors in 1992 as an investment firm and has since grown to become an extensive Financial Service provider. Its early success can be attributed to its completion of a J$37.5 million private offer of its own shares and listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. DB&G are pioneers in being the first financial entity to be listed as well as licensed on the stock exchange.

Since that initial share offer, DB&G continues to have a major influence on the Jamaican Capital Market in both the public and private sectors, promoting investment banking as a useful tool for financing corporate growth. Assignments have spanned several sectors of the Jamaican economy, and have involved a variety of bond and equity issues, privatization transactions, financial advisory services, mergers and acquisitions and syndicated loans.

As innovative financial market leaders DB&G is:

  • A licensed Securities Dealer regulated by the Jamaica Securities Commission,
  • An authorized Primary Dealer in securities issued by the Government of Jamaica,
  • A licensed Cambio Operator regulated by the Bank of Jamaica,
  • A Merchant Bank also regulated by the Bank of Jamaica
  • Unit Trusts Managers regulated by the Financial Services Commission. DB&G subjects its accounts to public scrutiny by publishing quarterly financial statements and annual audited accounts

Products And Services:

DB&G operates as a complete Financial Services Portal, whose activities include:

  • Investment Services
  • Stock Brokerage Services
  • Securities Trading
  • Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Corporate Banking Services
  • Pension Funds Management
  • Unit Trust Management